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Celebrity Voice Impression Phone messages ready for download, just $5.00 per mp3 phone message.  Paypal is fast and secure.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Impression Text

"Hello, my friends can not come to the phone right now because they are busy working out with me, the Govenator of California.  So please leave your name, and number at the beep, dont worry, theyll be backThis is Arnold, and this message is terminated, now!"

Just $5.00 Purchase and Download now

Sean Connery Impression Text

"This is Bond, James Bond.  The agents you are trying to reach are unavailable. They are out testing some new features Que recently added to my Aston Martin.  So please leave your coded message at the tone and they will contact you soon.  That is, if they didn't accidentally trigger the self destruct mechanism."

Just $5.00 Purchase and Download now
Order Custom Celebrity voice impressions in
wav or mp3 format.

Upon completion, your files are emailed directly to you
for your home phone, office, or cell phone!

  • USA ORDERS, payments can be made via pay-pal, check, or money order. Jim will email you the full message once payment clears the bank.

  • OUTSIDE USA can pay via pay-pal. Jim will email you a request for funds after your message has been recorded.

  • After payment has been received and processed, Jim will email you the message in mp3 format.


1 60 second celebrity impression
home or cell phone message 
1 sixty second Happy Anniversary message:  $200.00
1 sixty second Friendship message:  $200.00 

1 sixty second Marriage Proposal message 

1 sixty second Tribute Message: $200.00
1 sixty second Business Answering Machine Message  $200.00
Radio & Television Commercial  rates vary
 He will also consider requests for other types of personalized messages.

Email Jim with your request now 


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How to transfer a celebrity message onto your telephone answering machine




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